Sanctity of Life Sunday

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Today was Sanctity of Life Sunday. This day holds many different meanings to many different people. Every year I write some post on Facebook about why I’m “pro-life,” but this year, I wanted to do something different than the usual.

I’m really passionate about about kids and babies. I work in a toddler class at a preschool, for Pete’s sake. I’m pretty invested in this working with kids thing. I love it with most of my being. I love teaching these kids, nurturing these kids, and sharing with them the love that God shows us. I serve with the preschool ministry at church frequently and I love getting to do the things that I am so passionate about.

Today was one of those days. I was originally only supposed to help out with the kids during service, but I ended up getting roped in for Sunday School too (some say I am a glutton for punishment, I say I’m a glutton for the joys of being a preschooler. Snack time and craft time are still my favorites and I fully support a good story time, too). In Sunday school this morning, the teacher was sharing the story about Jesus and the little children. Basically, what happens in the story is that people were bringing these children to Jesus so that He could lay His hands on them and pray for them. When the disciples saw the children coming, they told them to go away. Jesus was busy and had more important things to do than to pray for their children. When Jesus saw this happening, he rebuked the disciples and told the children to come to Him. The passage further goes on to say that the kingdom of heaven of made up of people who either have faith like that of a child or whom grace has been extended to (there is some debate about the age of children and whether or not they would have been old enough to have faith in Jesus. That’s where the argument about grace being extended comes into play. This comes from John MacArthur, specifically his study Bible, just in case you’re wondering. I say that no one is too young, as long as they understand the basic principle of who Jesus is and the magnitude of what He did, but I digress). Jesus makes a couple more statements and then the Bible says that He began blessing them and praying for them. This story is recorded three times in Scripture. I based this post off of Mark 10:13-16 in the New American Standard version, but in case you’re interested, the other two passages are Matthew 19:13-15 and Luke 18:15-17.

I thought that it was so special to get the blessing to work with kids on Sanctity of Life Sunday, but it was so meaningful to get to hear that Bible story knowing and understanding the importance of a day like today. Jesus loves kids and doesn’t turn them away. God is never too busy or too preoccupied to talk to or care for His children. In Psalm 139 it talks about how God forms children in the mother’s womb and how each child is specially made and how his/her life is planned even before conception. All those children whose lives have been abruptly ended God knew and God saw. God had and I believe still has a plan for their life. The lives of all people are precious and important to God and He doesn’t think one is more important than another.

These kids who were murdered could have been the next Billy Graham, the doctor who cured cancer, a future president, the first astronaut to land on Mars, a teacher who greatly impacted their student’s lives, or they could’ve been just a regular old person like you and me. The fact of the matter is that we will never know because they were never given a chance at life. But this didn’t come as a surprise to God. He knew their little life would be ended too soon and I believe that He welcomed them into heaven with open arms.

Abortion needs to be aborted. Murdering someone is a sin and wrong in every sense of the word. Whether or not you view that little heart beating on the monitor as a life, God does and His view is the only One that matters.

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